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Terms of Use

Real Estate UD provides the web site and the services available on the site under these terms. Each individual acknowledges that their use of the web site and associated services are governed by these terms. By accessing and using any and all services offered on it, each individual agrees that they have read and understand these terms of use.


Disclaimers of Warranties/Limitation of Liability - Real Estate UD makes no representations or warranties of any information contained in any advertisements on the site. The information is provided "AS IS" and the validity of the information must be ascertained by the user of the information. Any individual purchasing an advertisement on is liable for any misrepresentation of the advertisement.


Termination - All individual agree that Real Estate UD can remove any ads without notice if Real Estate UD believes they have violated the terms of use as set forth herein. Each individual agrees that Real Estate UD is not liable to any individuals for termination of their ads.


Privacy - Real Estate UD Inc does not sell, trade, lease, or provide any customer information to third parties. Any information you submit with your ad is available to the internet viewing audience, including but not limited to robots, search engine crawlers, email spammers, etc. including your email address. Real Estate UD is not liable for and cannot control the use of your ad content accessed by external site visitors, including automated processes crawling our site, etc. Real Estate UD is not liable for any unsoliciited requests received by our customers adverstising on our site, including spam email.


Domain Name - The domain name,, and associated goodwill are owned by Real Estate UD. Individuals are prohibited from using the domain name in any manner without prior written permission from Real Estate UD. Prohibited uses include but are not limited to adding a URL link to from an external web site without prior written premission, commonly referred to as link exchange. For more information on permitted uses, refer to the Link Exchange Program section of this notice.


Link to Real Estate UD - A link to can be added to another web site. Prior to adding the link, send a request to Real Estate UD by filling out the Contact Us form and selecting Link to Real Estate UD from the Subject list. Include in the description box on the form the website name where the link is going to be added. Use one of the following coding formats below for the link.


TEXT Version of Link


Example of TEXT Link


Real Estate UD

Real Estate UD is a national internet-based web site that specializes in advertising universal design homes and accessible homes for sale.



LOGO Version of Link



Example of LOGO Link


Real Estate UD Logo link to Home Page

Real Estate UD is a national internet-based web site that specializes in advertising universal design homes and accessible homes for sale.



Solicitation Prohibited - Each individual agrees not to solicit any persons or companies that are advertising on Each individual also agrees not to extract any information from for commercial use.


Representation - Each individual advertising on the Real Estate UD web site is liable for any misrepresentation contained therein. In addition, Real Estate UD is not responsible for any misrepresntation of information contained in any externally linked web sites on


Emails & Phone Calls - Real Estate UD does not control any emails or phone calls received by sellers or vendors that advertise on However, unsolicited emails and unsolicited phones calls to our advertisers are strictly prohibited.


Links to External Web Sites - Real Estate UD will from time to time provide links to external web sites for informational purposes only. We do not endorse the company which owns the web site or the content contained on the external web site. Real Estate UD also has no control over the information collected on external web site. In addition, Real Estate UD is not responsible for the accessibility of any external web sites.


Federal Regulations - The U.S. Fair Housing Act governs any real estate advertised on Any individual advertising real estate on the web site is responsible for compliance with the Act.


Payment Method - All major credit cards are accepted including payments via PayPal accounts.


Refunds - All Ads; Products & Services, Property Listings, are non-refundable once an ad is activated.





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